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DMS Staff


Gregory Mees Principal
Courtney Dickerson Assistant Principal

Secretarial Staff

Jenny Ward Administrative Secretary
Meva Williams Attendance Secretary
Brenda Lawler Counseling Secretary


Carrie Gabriel              Innovation and Learning Coach


Traci Manis Nurse
Kim Kytasaari Health Aide

English Language Arts

Courtney Klepper ELA
Margie Manion ELA
Alison Neibling ELA
Allison Otte ELA
Sarah Price ELA
Carrie Sparks ELA 
Devin Springer ELA


Cari Cure Science
Wendy Danner Science
Caitlin DeSalvo Science
Garrick True Science
Rose Taney Science

International Language

Jessica Brenton French
Kathy Larson Spanish
Cindy Biermann German

Practical Arts / Technology

Renee Baker Business / Technology / Broadcasting
Dathan Boden Technology
Kerri Robel Technology
Lindsay Dickes FACS
Mallary Henry FACS
Eric Langhorst Technology / Broadcasting
Brendan Madsen Industrial Technology
Megan Mauzey-Kincaid Technology
Robert Willis Industrial Technology

Library Media Center

Susan Miller           Library Media Specialist
Francine Wood LMC Aide

ISS Supervisor

Troy Parks ISS Supervisor


Anita Gonino Cafeteria Manager
Mary Thomas Cafeteria Staff
Melissa Gusman Cafeteria Staff
Marlene White Cafeteria Staff
Darcie Lauer Cafeteria Staff
Kathy Wilson Cafeteria Staff
Carol Williams Cafeteria Staff
Nancy Lauria Cafeteria Staff
Erin Stevens Cafeteria Staff


Bill Scott Counselor - 6th Grade (M-Z), 7th Grade
Cathy Shevlin Counselor - 6th Grade (A-L), 8th Grade
Celsey Harrell Social Services
Veronica Brackman Psychologist
Terre Yaghoubian Social Services

School Resource Officer

Officer Rob Bratcher School Resource Officer


Bobbi Chamberlain Math
Brad Collins Math
Amber Lierman Math
Dana Lind Math
Megan Mauzey-Kincaid Math
Jamie Miller Math
Kerri Robel Math
Lorie Keeler Math
Emily Hoffman Math

Social Studies

Corby Downer Social Studies
Erin Garvey Social Studies
Eric Langhorst Social Studies
Laura Smith Social Studies
Brian VanHauen Social Studies

PE / Health

Sheldon Carpenter PE / Health
Scott Davis PE / Health
Jessica French PE / Health
Carrie Strickland PE / Health
Brad Collins PE / Health

Fine Arts

Jennifer Brunk Art
Kate Stirlen Theatre / Speech
Marie Coleman Orchestra
Anne Deaver Art
Phillip Holthus Vocal Music
Marti Whelan Band
Rachel Householder Accompianist
Brittany Terwey  

Special Education

Carola Eastvold   SpEd Teacher  
Ginny Kiely   SpEd Teacher  
Tracie Hudson   Speech Therapist  
Tyler Nash   SpEd Teacher  
Joanie New   SpEd Teacher  
Danielle Overly   SpEd Teacher  
Kim Vasquez   SpEd Teacher  
Jake Boswell   SpEd Process Coordinator  


Lisa Cutter Building Lead Custodian
Victor Camarillo Custodian
Kathy Krumm-Dennison Custodian
Cliff Redmond Custodian
Mike Barelli Custodian
Pedro Paredes Custodian
Muradov Murad Custodian


Jerrie Alviso Paraprofessional
Julie Ayers Paraprofessional
Paul Ozier Paraprofessional
Bobbi Hollowell Paraprofessional
Esther Schintz Paraprofessional
Shannon Whitehead Paraprofessional
Kathy Sternecker Paraprofessional